Is the juul for fools?

JEWEL (the singer)

Hi everyone, I know juuling is a big craze at universities across the country, but I’d encourage all of you to take a look at our new bulletin board next time before you cop a new pack of pods.



Happy Spring Break

Hope everyone has a safe and fun

spring break, if you haven’t yet, take a look at our black history month board, it’ll be gone when you get back!


Coming Out Day

Hello everyone,¬† if you haven’t seen the wonderful bulletin board in the elevator bay, today is national coming out day! While this is a holiday for those in the closet to come out if they so choose, I ask that everyone is supportive of their peers and makes sure to be inclusive and welcoming, not only today, but every day.


Congratulations to the 4W residents of TKE who placed third in tug of war! While the Bridgeway Commons team didn’t place, it was thrilling to see our residents doing well with their organizations. I look forward to seeing you all the rest of the week at homecoming!



Hello everyone! Move in is only a couple weeks away and I’m very much looking forward to meeting all of you! In the meantime, this page has been updated with a short about page about myself and updated information about our hall. Enjoy the rest of your summer, see you all soon!