Professor Interview

I interviewed my advisor for some valuable knowledge about office hours your professors have,

Here it is:

Q: Why do professors have office hours?

A: Office hours are a job requirement for all instructors. Students pay for those hours and should feel free to use them.

Q: Why should students come to office hours?

A: professors expect students who show up for office hours have specific questions related to the class. If the conversation becomes more casual over time, that’s fine. But the purpose of those hours is to give busy students the ability to talk to busy teachers.

Q: is there a time were its hindering for you?

A: students sometimes come in declaring themselves hopelessly lost. Professors will then need to spend precious time trying to find out what exactly is confusing the student and why.


I hope this helps everyone in the future to go to office hours when it is most conducive to you and the professor


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